Cyrus Imap + Thunderbird 3

Dominique Couot dcouot at
Fri Nov 5 07:21:40 EDT 2010


Sorry to bug everyone, but I am stuck with what is probably a simple 
newbie error.

I've been playing with Ubuntu server 10.04. Got it working internally 
(samba, cups,...), even got the apache and web sites setup correctly.

My next step was to setup a mail server.
So I followed a very nicely done howto to get postfix + cyrus working.

I also installed roundcube for webmail access.
So far so good. I got incoming mail, outgoing mail, well everything you 
expect from a mail server. That is... with roundcube.

When trying to connect though a Thunderbird 3, no luck.

I know the mail server works... it works with the webmail part - at the 
office and outside of the office. It also works with TB3 when using the 
internal IP address of the server on the LAN. But no way to get it 
working with a domain name.

So I figure the problem was with the connection to the server and the 
resolution of the server name etc... (/etc/hosts, hostmane, or whatever 
over config file and anything in between the server and the domain provider)

Can somehow help me to solve that part ?

Thanks in advance,


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