Odd problem: IMAP/S suddenly not working, but no errors, and IMAP still works

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Mon Nov 1 11:06:58 EDT 2010

On Monday, November 01, 2010 03:46:38 pm Simon Matter wrote:
> > Bron,
> > 
> > 	My Cyrus is from RPM, and I am just nursing it along until my users
> > 
> > finish migrating off and FastMail manages to complete my own migration,
> > so I don't want to build from source. Why would IMAP/S block on empty
> > /dev/random, while IMAP+STARTTLS works? FWIW, SASL2 seems to use urandom.
> If this is really stock CentOS 5 then I think everything Cyrus related
> should use /dev/urandom and not /dev/random. But, could it be that other
> software you installed uses /dev/random and makes it "empty"?

I think the stock CentOS packages do in fact use /dev/urandom.

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