upgrading with murder/aggregator

Ragnar Sundblad ragge at csc.kth.se
Fri May 28 12:14:01 EDT 2010

On 28 maj 2010, at 16.53, Torsten Schlabach wrote:

> Hi Ragnar!
>> Could this be mitigated by letting the proxys have a lifetime of only
>> one session?
> Possibly. I am sure if any proxyd terminates after having done its work
> (which means either after a logout or a given idle period) this would
> prevent re-use and possibly avoid the problem in a quite save way.
> Just I am not aware of any parameter which could make this happen.

I was just assuming that "-U 1" to proxyd in cyrus.conf would do the
trick, but maybe it doesn't. proxyd obviously doesn't have a man page
of its own, but since it is just a soft link to imapd and imapd has
-U, it possibly could work.


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