Patch: add new lmtptarget annotation

Wesley Craig wes at
Tue May 18 13:47:48 EDT 2010

Seems like a reasonable approach and a good patch.  I might suggest  
some feedback, preferably to the deleting / renaming user but a  
syslog might also do, when the delete / rename failed.

Is there a bugzilla number?


On 18 May 2010, at 12:38, Stephen Grier wrote:
> Just submitting a patch I'm supporting locally for consideration.
> We use shared mailboxes quite extensively for role-based  
> communication.
> For quite some time we've had a problem with users deleting or  
> renaming
> mailboxes into which we deliver mail. We can, and do, use IMAP ACLs to
> dissallow users from deleting the delivery target mailbox. But when a
> user creates a child mailbox it inherits the ACLs of the parent,  
> and the
> user is then not able to delete or rename the sub folder.
> As a fix, I have written a patch against 2.3.16 to add a new  
> lmtptarget
> mailbox annotation. When enabled, Cyrus won't allow the mailbox to be
> deleted or renamed. We can then set whatever ACLs we want inherited by
> child mailboxes, happy in the knowledge the user won't blat the  
> mailbox
> and cause mail to bounce.
> The rationale here is that Cyrus treats with special
> significance as a delivery target, but does not do the same for shared
> mailboxes because there is no way for Cyrus to know which shared
> mailboxes we intend to deliver mail into. Using a mailbox annotation
> seems a nice way of flagging this.
> Patch attached. Comments welcome.

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