cyradm lm wildcard and the @ sign

Dan White dwhite at
Wed May 12 18:18:45 EDT 2010

On 12/05/10 17:03 -0500, Dan White wrote:
>On 13/05/10 09:02 +1200, Berend de Boer wrote:
>>  # imtest -u admin at localhost
>imtest -a admin at localhost
>>Perhaps the "only available under a layer" is an indication I must use
>>ssl or so? Tried that as well:
>Correct, or a SASL mech that supports security layers (which CRAM-MD5

That's incorrect. CRAM-MD5 does not support a security layer. Try:

imtest -m DIGEST-MD5 -a admin at


imtest -s -a admin at

Dan White

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