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Quoting Martin Kraus <lists_mk at>:

> Hello.
>   I'm having problem with emails being inaccessible through imap  
> after reading
> it in outlook. The email file is still in the INBOX if I grep for  
> it's mail id, but no
> imap client displays it. I've tried with mutt and pop3  but I  
> couldn't find the
> email either.
> This server uses cyrus 2.3.14. I've never had any similar problems on any of
> my other servers. My guess is that outlook does something to the message to
> hide it from displaying but I've got no idea how to check this.
If you use the delayed expunge feature of cyrus and the eMail gets  
deleted it stayes on the filesystem till cyr_expire removes them. See  
expunge_mode in imapd.conf

> Does anyone have any idea why would this happen?

I guess Outlook is using POP and deletes the mail after download.

Check your logfiles and/or use telemetry log for that user.

> Thanks
> Martin Kraus
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