Unjustified "Mailbox is at XX% of quota" messages in Thunderbird

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Wed May 5 12:06:20 EDT 2010

On Wed, 5 May 2010, Kővári János wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a problem again.
> Just today, all my users, who are using the same shared folder, are
> getting "Mailbox is at 93% of quota" (and increasing as they put mail
> into the shared folder) messages in Thunderbird (v. on Vista X64).
> This has started when one user was putting several dozen bigger emails
> into the shared folder, which then reached a "mysterious" level, where
> warnings are sent out.
> The problem is: this shared folder has a 5GB quota limit and it contains
> ~930MB of mail only. The quota file says 5GB, Thunderbird says 5GB,
> Cyrus module in Webmin also says the Quota is 5GB, and the usage is at
> 19%...  Everything says the Quota is 5GB and it is 19% used. But the
> messages still pop up.
> It seems, the server somehow thinks the quota is 1GB, of which indeed
> 93% is in use, but I have no clue where this comes from. It can't be
> confused with user mailbox quotas, because those are at 200MB.
> The shared folder is stored on a separate partition with hundreds of
> gigabytes of free space.
> I have reconstructed the mailboxes and folder, and re-checked the quotas
> etc.
> If anyone has any ideas, I'd be glad to read them! Thanks in advance!

Which version of Cyrus are you running?


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