FastMail, Opera, Cyrus work

Dietmar Rieder adrieder at
Mon May 3 03:59:31 EDT 2010

On 05/01/2010 03:41 AM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Just thought I'd point this out:
> And assure you that nothing's going to change with my work
> on Cyrus!  In fact, a lot of the cross-datacentre and
> optimisation for smaller meta (cyrus.cache lazy loading)
> work has been aimed at the new infrastructure we want to
> build at Opera, with replicas in different datacentre for
> true geographic redundancy.
> I'm going to keep working on the future branch code at
> github, hoping to have lower bandwidth replication up
> and running and a public "alpha" for everyone to play
> with before I got to Oslo and visit the Opera team later
> in May.


thanks for the information, I was about asking if anything regarding 
your work on cyrus might going to change when I read the news on friday. 
Thanks god, its not ;-)


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