Building an interface to unexpunge for users

David Mayo D.J.Mayo at
Mon Mar 29 11:22:55 EDT 2010

Bron Gondwana wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 11:28:50AM +0100, David Mayo wrote:
>> We have recently upgraded to Cyrus 2.3 and are making full use of the 
>> "delayed delete" feature, and we are considering writing an interface to 
>> allow users to undelete their own messages and mailboxes.
>> Before I start work on this myself, I thought I'd check with people here 
>> to see if anyone has any tips or code they are willing to share. I hope 
>> we will be able to publish the product we create.
> Are you planning to use the unexpunge tool behind the scenes for this,
> or something more hooked into the innards?
> (I ask because the innards are going through a big overhaul at the moment,
> but I hope to keep the unexpunge tool working nicely!)

I haven't given this much thought as I wanted to check if someone had a 
working solution or some ideas they wanted to share. My thinking was 
that we'd have a Perl script on our web site that SSHed into our IMAP 
server and ran the unexpunge command with appropriate options.

> Also - do people care about losing their \Seen state?  Because maintaining
> that over unexpunge is possibly viable, but might cost a bit more IO.

I would hope the \Seen state isn't that important to people who are 
recovering emails that got deleted so I wouldn't want to implement it 

My biggest concern is the interface will be relying on the info from 
"unexpunge" which removes all the punctuation and spaces from the 
fields[1] which will look naff to the users.



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