sync_client segmentation fault when using TLS

Raphael Jaffey rjaffey at
Sun Mar 28 20:48:45 EDT 2010

Dietmar Rieder wrote:
> Hi,
> we just updated our master + replication servers from 2.3.13 to 2.3.16 
> and discovered, that the sync_client is dying with a segfault when it 
> connects to the replication server which has set "allowplaintext: no".
> We managed to trace down the problem and came up with the following 
> patch against imap/backend.c to solve it.
> Gernot & Didi
> p.s.:
> Allowing plaintext authentication by "allowplaintext: yes" on the 
> replication server would also be an option as workarround ... but not 
> for us :-)

I had a working environment with a master server running on 32 bit 
RHEL4.7 and version 2.3.13 of cyrus, and a replica running on 32 bit 
RHEL5.4 and version 2.3.16 of cyrus.  I then upgraded the master to 
2.3.16 and now the sync_client segfaults immediately.  I tried testing 
with plaintext allowed to no avail, after which I disabled TLS for the 
sync service (syncserver_tls_cert_file: disabled) with no improvement.

The output from tcpdump indicates that the TCP session closes down 
immediately after the server sends the banner.

I tried the patch supplied by Dietmar, which didn't fix the problem and 
in addition, rendered the master non-operational.

I take it from the lack of followup on this thread, that this is not a 
problem experienced by the majority if any of the folks on this list.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Any suggestions as to what might cause this before I dust off my 
debugging skills and attempt to trace the cause?


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