upgradeing from 2.3.12p2 to 2.3.16 and replication

karen turner karen.turner at opus.co.nz
Sun Mar 28 20:04:10 EDT 2010


Has any one had any experience in going from 2.3.12p2 to 2.3.16.

It appears to work. I can create and delete mailboxes on a 2.3.12p2 or 2.3.16 
and it replicates out to the other version.

I do get messages on the 2.3.16 server like

Mar 26 15:38:28 zysv01 mupdate[31564]: attempt to delete unknown mailbox 

Where the mailbox is actually on a different server.  I assume that this is an 
issue with replication and will go away when all servers are on 2.3.16?

I looked at mupdate.c and this is a debugging level message.   So I could 
change my logging levels and the message will go away :-)
But it does seem weird that it wants to try and delete the mailbox in the 
first place.

I use a unified configuration for murder.
I know there was a lot of work done on the replication in version 2.3.13.


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