sieve vacation filter not working for one user

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Mar 18 20:33:32 EDT 2010

On Thu, 18 Mar 2010, Maria McKinley wrote:

>> I tried changing the name. Cyrus remade the file, and it didn't seem to
>> cause any problems, but unfortunately, it didn't help either.
> Actually, don't try this at home. A few seconds after I sent this email,
> my mail server started freaking out about DBERRORs. I tried replacing
> the file, that didn't help. Tried restarting cyrus, it wouldn't shutdown
> properly, finally had to reboot the machine. And yes, the vacation
> problem still exists...

Hehe, don't change those files while Cyrus is running!

If you delete deliver.db, make sure Cyrus is stopped.  You'll also want to 
remove the files in the {configdir}/db/ directory.  Again, only do that 
while Cyrus is stopped.


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