Nginx configuration for imap

Robert Banz rob at
Thu Mar 18 01:45:04 EDT 2010

memcached would certainly be fast, but what sort of authentication rate are
you talking about here. My bet is that you've got other bits of system, such
as the authentication validation with the target IMAP server, that will be
more of a dominant term when it comes to the performance of your system.

I deployed an nginix proxy to assist in my migration to Cyrus (once all my
users were on Cyrus, murder took over) -- just had it do lookups against our
LDAP directory to determine which IMAP provider to redirect to, it worked
perfectly fine.


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 10:35 PM, Robert Mueller <robm at> wrote:

> > But I thought a memcache lookup will be much more inexpenisve than
> > connecting to a mysql db  to do lookup for every cyrus connection
> Probably slightly. But what happens if the value isn't in memcached?
> Where do you get the value from?
> Anyway, it's still WAY better than doing:
> > > > $user['user1'] =;
> > > > $user['user2'] =;
> > > > ----
> > > > $user[user15000]=;
> For every lookup.
> Rob
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