Info-cyrus Digest, Vol 56, Issue 14

Diego Ventrice fordcarnut at
Mon Mar 15 18:15:58 EDT 2010


Few questions about murder if you dont mind.

Does the front end server act as a load balancer, and also are back end
server replicated exact copies ?

 How would it be to deploy HA with murder, on the front servers ?


> Murder rocks, IMO, well worth the learning curve of the setup.  If
> you're going to take the extra step of doing HA for your storage nodes,
> I think Murder makes even more sense.
> We deployed our Murder cluster back in November and recently cut off
> access to our old Cyrus (single instance, multiple-spool) system and 6
> nodes with FC meta partitions and SATA storage partitions plus a single
> frontend absolutely rocks for our over 450,000 users (2.6m mailboxes).
> We don't do HA but Murder makes it easy to do if needed.
> John
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