High Availability approaches for Cyrus

Simpson, John R john_simpson at reyrey.com
Mon Mar 15 13:48:37 EDT 2010

Greetings all,

            I've spent a good deal of time searching the Info-Cyrus archives (and various googled articles) to identify the recommended ways to improve Cyrus availability and reduce disaster recovery time.  The two main approaches appear to be Cyrus replication and file system replication using DRBD and Heartbeat/Pacemaker/RHCS.  Cyrus replication appears to be the preferred approach, since with DRBD a corrupted file system on the master would be replicated on the slave.  I have a few questions.

- Am I missing something?  Is there a third approach that is better than Cyrus or file system replication?
- Cyrus replication seems to be used in conjunction with manual failover procedures.  Is anyone using Heartbeat, etc. with Cyrus replication?
- We have three Cyrus servers, each with a single large mailstore.  Would there be a significant advantage to splitting them into multiple smaller mailstores?  We're using Perdition but not Murder / Aggregator.
- Are there any situations where DRBD would be preferred to Cyrus replication?

Thank you for your time.


John Simpson
Senior Software Engineer, I. T. Engineering and Operations

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