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Sun Mar 14 22:11:56 EDT 2010

Most everyone I know writes tools to administer the environment which implement some other type of authentication.   I don't know anyone who uses cyradm directly.

On Mar 12, 2010, at 2:49 AM, Milen Dimov wrote:
> We host big number of virtual domains. When a new domain has to be
> created, we have to add an entry for its administrator to "admins"
> parameter in the configuration file. To keep things organized, we keep
> the admins list in a file that is included in imapd.conf. Even with this
> setup, with the number of domains growing, this file become hassle to
> maintain. Another disadvantage of this setup is that it requires restart
> of the server when admin is added/removed.
> Did anyone has implemented different approach for authorizing virtual
> domain admins? Is it possible to implement domain admin to be authorized
> according group membership, for example? We use LDAP authentication with
> saslauthd and LDAP authorization with ptloader.
> Thanks,
> Milen
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