mailbox migration/repair question

Joe Vieira jvieira at
Wed Feb 17 22:48:39 EST 2010


So, We have an imap volume (ext3) that doesn't seem to come back up clean after a few crashes.  fsck is a mess.  Shows clean; mount it; 30 minutes later it's throwing errors and needs to be fsck'd again.  (any ideas about that i'd love to hear)

So I am considering in the interest of getting these students back using email, setting up a new volume, mount it as the same imap partition and creating "shell" mailboxes for all the users on it, basically an empty mailbox that I can let them log into, send and receive new mail, etc.  I was thinking about doing this by making the simple directory structure for all the users then doing a reconstruct to make the cyrus.* files.  The plan would then be to restore from backup (or the corrupt drive in read only). My concern however is that the UID of the messages will get duplicated.  Basically does this idea make ANY sense to you guys?  Will it work?  Other ideas?

Please help out 

Thank you,

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