saslauthd w/postfix smtp only works the first time

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Sep 30 09:23:41 EDT 2009

On 29/09/09 23:10 -0400, ravi raju wrote:
>I set up cyrus sasl2 to work with postfix smtp server. I am able to send
>e-mail by authenticating via sasl the first time after I start the saslauthd
>process. When I send another e-mail, it doesn't work. I looked through
>different logs, here is what I find:
>1. Start saslauthd. I checked the status, several pids start up.
>Starting saslauthd                                              [  OK  ]
>Creating hardlink from /var/lib/sasl2/mux to
>saslauthd (pid 29638 29636 29634 29628 29627) is running...
>2. Send e-mail. Everything works.
>3. I checked the /var/log/syslog to make sure the connection was terminated
>after it was first opened when sending e-mail.
>4. Try sending another e-mail from the same box. E-mail is not sent.
>5. I see most of the saslauthd process are shutdown at this point. Status
>only shows one process running
>saslauthd (pid 29627) is running...
>6. After I force restart saslauthd, I can send another e-mail. At any point
>in time, I am able to only send one e-mail.
>Anyone has a clue what is going on? I appreciate your time and help with

Is postifix authenticating to LMTP? or is your mail client authenticating
to Postfix?

Either way, I recommend using lmtptest or smtptest to trouble shoot.
You can find them in the cyrus-imapd distribution.

To further trouble shoot with us, please provide (sanitized) copies of the
postfix syslog of a good and bad email delivery attempt
any corresponding imapd/lmtpd syslog entries
any corresponding auth syslog entries (cyrus sasl)

Also, please provide your imapd.conf configuration, or at least the output of
'grep sasl /etc/imapd.conf', your postfix sasl configuration if
appropriate (the contents of /etc/postfix/sasl/*), and your postfix
lmtp/deliver configuration.

Dan White

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