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Duncan Gibb Duncan.Gibb at
Tue Sep 29 19:24:57 EDT 2009

Maria McKinley wrote:

MMcK> while installing/updating to newest cyrus on the new machine
MMcK> I noticed lines  like this:

> Creating/updating cyrus control directories in /var/cyrus/data...
> Creating/updating partition spool /var/cyrus/mail...

MMcK> which leads me to believe there are changes that have been
MMcK> made to /var/cyrus that will not be on my old /var/cyrus hard
MMcK> drive. Any ideas on how to handle this?

That's just the packaging scripts making sure the relevant directories
exist and have the correct permissions and ownership.  The differences
between 2.2.13 and 2.2.13-14+lenny3 are tiny so you almost certainly
have nothing to worry about.

If you're paranoid there's always diff.  And rsync ;-)



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