MIgrating from Cyrus 2.2 to 2.3 : extra numerical field in mailboxes DB

Eric Luyten Eric.Luyten at vub.ac.be
Wed Sep 23 10:19:19 EDT 2009


I copied all data from a (Cyrus 2.2.13 / Solaris 9) production server
to a new (Cyrus 2.3.15 / Solaris 10) server and am now trying to fire
the new server up.

I recreated the mailboxes using 'ctl_mboxlist -d' on the old server
and 'ctl_mboxlist -u' on the new one, which returned no errors, but
when I subsequently start Cyrus, he insists on removing about one
quarter of all mailboxes (about 100,000 out of slightly over 400,000)
while logging lines

   could not remove reserved mailbox '.....': Unknown/invalid partition
   removed reserved mailbox '.....'

depending on the partition the mailboxes are located in (there are
9 partitions on our server, only partitions numbered 2, 3, 6 and 7
pose problems).

When dumping the resulting mailboxes DB on the Cyrus 2.3.15 system
I noticed (for newly created mailboxes) an extra numerical field in
position 2 (position 3 appears to be the partition number).

Where is it used for ("reservations" ? Murder ?) and what is the best
way of moving from the old to the new format ?

Eric Luyten, Brussels Free University Computing Centre.

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