deliver to mailbox folder not working

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri Sep 18 02:23:33 EDT 2009

> I have a script that re-delivers email messages from one mailbox to
> another.  The following worked with 2.3.13 but does NOT work with 2.3.14
> /usr/lib/cyrus/deliver -a testuser -m user.testuser.subfolder < email.txt
> All i get is mailbox does not exist and a "lmtpunix:
> verify_user(user.textuser.subfolder) failed: Mailbox does not exist.
> All the acl are correct - set to 'all' on both the inbox and subfolder.
> The message IS a valid email message and again, the deliver command
> worked with the previous version.  I'm using gentoo and they removed the
> 2.3.13 version from portage.  Has the command syntax changes....

IIRC that kind of error may be caused by a bug which is in 2.3.14. I
strongly suggest to update to 2.3.15 anyway because it also fixes a
security issue.
Please let us know whether the issue has gone with 2.3.15.


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