Cyrus LMTP and Maildir[++] Format

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Quoting mozafar roshany <m.roshany at>:

> Hi everyone.
> I want to use the Cyrus LMTP server to get mail from Postfix remotely. But,
> the problem is that I can't use Cyrus-IMAP/POP itself for some reasons and I
> have courier as my IMAP/POP server which uses Maildir++ mailbox format. Is
> there any way (any configuration parameter, or any patch or ...) to make
> Cyrus LMTP understand Maildir++ format? If not, why? I haven't find a strict
> and clear answer to this question at my searches.

The LMTP Protocol is integrated in Cyrus. It will store the mails
in cyrus own format. Cyrus does not know how to handle maildir or mbox
as there is no need for this. You may be able to write an patch for this,
but i doubt that it will be added to cyrus.

If you want to use Cyrus, we may be able to help you
solve the problems/reasons. If you want to use Courier,
you should ask on the courier mailinglist how to deliver mails
from a remote postfix.

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