debian etch upgrade, now 64bit machines cannot connect to backends

John Masterson jmasterson at
Sun Sep 13 17:22:18 EDT 2009

We just upgraded to 2.2.13-10+etch2 and now our 64bit front end machines 
cannot connect to our back end servers, e.g.,

Sep 13 11:55:49 mfe5 cyrus/mc2pop3[6764]: 
connect( failed: Invalid argument
Sep 13 11:55:49 mfe5 cyrus/mc2pop3[6764]: couldn't authenticate to 
backend server


Sep 13 15:15:39 mfe5 cyrus/mupdate[1327]: Thread timed out waiting for 

A 32-bit front end machine is working fine. We don't think there are any 
other differences between these installations. cyrus.conf, mupdate.conf, 
and imap.conf are identical except for the obvious, listen addresses, 

Any ideas or experience with this?

John Masterson

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