-authz no longer working?

John Masterson jmasterson at modwest.com
Fri Sep 4 13:49:25 EDT 2009

I have searched high and low but am coming up with nothing on this:

For years we used a simple script that invoked Cyrus::IMAP::Admin to 
connect as the cyrus admin user with -authz for a user we were 
interested in seeing what shared mailboxes they had access to. It 
stopped working last year some time, possibly with a cyrus upgrade (to 
debian's 2.2.13-10), but since we use the script only upon an employee 
exiting, I'm not sure.

The behavior is that list("users/*) returns 0 mailboxes, even when the 
user certainly does have access to some shared mailboxes.

I doublechecked this with the cyradm tool and the -authz argument, and 
got the same behavior.

If I use cyradm to authenticate directly as the user in question, then I 
correctly see the shared mailboxes.

But when I authenticate as the cyrus admin user and -authz as the user I 
am interested in, no such luck.

Did some behavior change, or am I otherwise missing something?


John Masterson
Modwest, Inc.

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