cyrus-imapd in (veritas) cluster: anyone?

Paolo Cravero pcravero at
Fri Sep 4 09:53:11 EDT 2009

I've read Sims message of 2009.08.04 and following replies with interest. 
Unfortunately I couldn't find an answer (in archives) to the following question.

Those using cyrus-imapd in a clustered environment, which cluster environment 
do they use? Veritas, RedHat, ... ?

We're currently running an active-passive cluster with Sun Messaging under 
Veritas. There is a specific Veritas agent for that product that handles 
checks and switchover in case of node failure, but I guess nothing for cyrus.

We will (try to) establish an active-passive cyrus cluster, possibly with 
Veritas. RedHat cluster as second choice. I would appreciate some pointers if 
someone has already been there.

Have a nice weekend,
Paolo Cravero

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