incremental squatter

Rob Mueller robm at
Thu Sep 3 17:54:03 EDT 2009

> Also, does anyone know what this means for searches on material that has
> changed since the last squatter run?  I have assumed, and hope, that the
> search procedure is something like this:
> search in the squatter index
> remove results referring to deleted items
> do an unindexed search on items added since last index.
> Is that right?  Or, for example, are new messages just ignored?

The squatter index isn't a perfect index. What it does is given a search 
term, it returns a list of messages that might contain the term, and 
excludes messages that definitely do not contain the search term. For each 
message that squatter says might contain the search term, cyrus then opens 
the message and does a complete search on it to see if it definitely 
contains the search term.

Because of that, if squatter sees a message id it hasn't indexed, it will 
always return that id, because that id might contain the term, it doesn't 

The net result is that things work as expected. New messages that haven't 
been squatter indexed are always searched, you never miss messages.


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