Cyrus APIs ?

Rob Mueller robm at
Thu May 28 21:57:06 EDT 2009

>>   - IMAP protocol extensions (most needed thing would be to "idle" on
>> every folders, not just inbox)
> Yeah, good luck with that one.  It's a pretty major "protocol extention",
> and everything's very folder centric.  It would be a rather large SMOP
> (small matter of programming) for this.

If you have idled stupport, this shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Basically the way idled currently works is that a process sends it a message 
about which mailbox it's interested in, and then idled sends it a USR1 sig 
if something changes on that mailbox.

I think all you'd need to do is loop and send multiple mailbox names to 
idled, and it'll USR1 you when any of them change. Of course you then have 
to poll to find out which ones, which is a bit annoying, but would be 
fixable with a bit more work.


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