Problem with websieve and accents

Rob Mueller robm at
Thu May 28 21:55:11 EDT 2009

>> I am blocked with vacation/out-of-office because when users
>> are entering accents the script fails with an error...
>> Does anyone has a suggestion on how to make accents work ?
> Yes, but I haven't committed it to CVS yet.  I'm working on full
> UTF8 support in sieve scripts.

Well it depends where there are accents in the sieve script. I believe the 
current state of things (2.3.14) is:

1. In folder names - should work (you need to use the utf-8 version of the 
folder name, not the modified utf-7 version)
2. In vacation messages - should work
3. In header/body checks - needs Bron's fixes

And a reminder, the script must be in utf-8 encoding.


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