Painful performance on mupdate push (how long does yours take?)

Michael Bacon baconm at
Wed May 27 13:56:22 EDT 2009

The first attempt was with skiplist, but I switched over to BDB to see if 
it would do any better.  If you don't mind, how many mailboxes do you have, 
and how long does an initial push generally take, if you've had to do one 

Michael Bacon
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UNC Chapel Hill

--On May 27, 2009 9:21:36 AM -0700 Andrew Morgan <morgan at> wrote:

> On Tue, 26 May 2009, Michael Bacon wrote:
>> We're in the last stages of getting off of our old single-server mail
>> system into a murder environment, and we're currently at the point
>> where the single old backend gets starts pushing its mb database to
>> the mupdate server, so that we can move the main DNS pointer to the
>> front-ends and start moving mailboxes over to other servers.
>> Last Friday night, I tried that push for the first time, thinking it
>> would take 10-20 minutes, tops (for an 850k line mailbox database, or
>> about 75 MB).  3.5 hours later, it finally completed, and a subsequent
>> ctl_mboxlist -m hung indefinitely, with neither side doing anything
>> (as per truss).
>> Since this was originally a push to a non-global Solaris zone
>> connecting to a ZFS file system over the "local loopback" interface
>> that Sun has for its zones, I tried to see if the problem went away by
>> connecting to a vanilla Solaris install on UFS.  Nope, still syncing
>> on the order of 30-40k per minute.  I tried shutting off the GSSAPI
>> security layer (max SASL layer set to 0), same performance issue.
>> Since all of this was on Sun CoolThreads hardware, I spent the last
>> part of this afternoon trying to run it on an old school sparc box,
>> but didn't get it running before I left for the day.
>> Surely this isn't the kind of performance I should expect, right?  For
>> large sites, how long does an initial mboxlist push to the MUPDATE
>> server usually take, and for how many lines?  And is anyone else
>> running a murder on Sun CoolThreads (Tx000, T5x20) server hardware?
> Which database format are you using for mailboxes.db?  I found that
> skiplist was very slow for writes compared to Berkeley DB.  However this
> push is only rarely done so it was still worth avoiding the hassle of
> Berkeley DB.
>  	Andy

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