Sieve: Vacation not working

Garry garry at
Wed May 27 03:42:57 EDT 2009

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 09:21 -0400, Gottschalk, David wrote:
>> See, I'm using this entirely custom deliver script in .procmailrc, and
>> I think that is my problem. I think if Sieve doesn't get a proper from
>> address, it will not reply. The question is how do you know if this is
>> occurring?
> Sendmail has been able to perform LMTP delivery (no "deliver" required)
> for a long time.
>> You might try different configuration options of that. I've seen searching the web that some people had vacation reply issues with different configurations of the Cyrus mailer(s).
>>> How do you hand off mail from Sendmail to Cyrus? I'm thinking that could be my issue, maybe yours too.
>> I'm using the cyrus feature
>> define(`confLOCAL_MAILER', `cyrus')dnl
>> ifdef(`CYRUS_MAILER_ARGS',,
>> `define(`CYRUS_MAILER_ARGS', `deliver -e -f $f -m $h -- $u')')
>> in the mc file, and as the regular sorting seems to work (moving certain
>> mails to other folders e.g.), as well as storing incoming mail in the
>> appropriate inboxes, I assume the Cyrus interface as such should be
>> working fine, as well as the Sieve call ... what puzzles me is that I
>> don't even see Sieve attempt to deliever anything, at least not locally
>> - plus I can't seem to find any config file that would contain
>> definitions about what to do with mails generated by Sieve (like, e.g.,
>> what Mailserver to use)
> This is specified in imapd.conf via the "sendmail" directive.
Yes, found that in the meantime ... anyway, still no success ...
according to the mail log, it's not being called, at least there are
still no messages from it ... I enabled the debugging_command, using
strace to get some infos on whether it is even trying to call sendmail
... from what I can tell, it doesn't even attempt to do anything ... is
the vacation line valid the way it is in the script?

Also, the logfile created by this line:

debug_command: /usr/bin/strace -tt -f -s256 -o /tmp/strace.cyrus.%s.%d
-p %2$d <&- 2>&1 &

doesn't show up right away either ...

Isn't there any way to make timsieved more verbose about what it's (not)
doing and why?

Tnx, -garry

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