Cyrus + Sieve

Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Tue May 26 11:26:03 EDT 2009


Gottschalk, David schrieb:
> That must be my issue then. Every message in my inbox has a 
> Return-path of:
> dgottsc at servername (No domain extension just the server hostname)
This might be the issue then. If your MTA is not "too open", relaying 
with this sender might not be allowed and your vacation mail is never 
ever sent to to intended recipient which is the original sender.

> Even though the message did not come from myself, but a external 
> recipient.
Don't you mess up "vacation mail sender" and "sender of the mail on
which to send a vacation message"?
The sender obove is the cyrus generated sender for the cyrus generated 
vacation mail. I think you are referencing here to the original mail 
instead, are you?


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