help : cyradm can't access other domains ???

Denis BUCHER dbucherml at
Mon May 25 12:55:45 EDT 2009

OBATA Akio a écrit :
>> I really don't understand how to access "other" (virtual) domains from
>> cyradm :
>>   su - cyrus
>>   cyradm --user cyrus localhost
>>   lm
>> I see all mailboxes from our main domain, for example :
>> user.dbucherml.ML (\HasChildren)
>> user.dbucherml.ML.Fournisseurs (\HasChildren)
>> user.dbucherml.ML.Fournisseurs.Acer (\HasNoChildren)
>> user.dbucherml.ML.Fournisseurs.Alltron (\HasNoChildren)
>> user.dbucherml.ML.Fournisseurs.Microsoft (\HasChildren)
>> user.dbucherml.ML.Fournisseurs.Microsoft.MSPRP (\HasNoChildren)
> Can you find following line?
>> user.dbucherml at (\HasChildren)

No, I don't have any "" or "@anything.else"

> If not, your cyrus user may not allowed to access domain
> (not a global admin?)

Yes I think my cyrus user is not a global admin, but I don't understand
how to make it global ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help...


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