searching for a 25 seconds delay

Iv Ray pobox at
Thu May 14 15:53:39 EDT 2009

On 14.05.2009, at 15:29, Jorey Bump wrote:
> Show us how you are invoking imtest on the command line, then show us
> everything up to and including the line containing the word  
> (before you actually enter your password). This will reveal the
> mechanisms offered by the server, and the one imtest is using without
> encountering a delay. Consider creating a test user for this, so you
> don't accidentally post any sensitive information.
> Once you have that information, you can compare it to the imapd log,
> which will list the mechanism Squirrelmail is using. Speaking of logs,
> have you inspected them for relevant errors? Either way, a sample  
> would
> be helpful.

While playing with your advice I think I found something.

As soon as I give the cyradm password, in the error log appears -

May 14 20:10:01 xxxxx imap[24292]: login: localhost [] cyrus  
LOGIN User logged in

Which means that cyradm logs in as fast as imtest.

(I am really sorry, I did not read the logs earlier... I inherited a  
server and I am not that good in administering it.)

And then! - exactly after 15 seconds comes a line -

May 14 20:10:26 xxxxx imap[24292]: dracsend: call failed: RPC: Timed out

(the 25 seconds where my own counting, seems I count a bit too fast)

I feel a bit stupid now, but it seems the drac is operating  
improperly. I knew something about it, but it never occurred to me  
that it can cause the delay.

I'll try to fix this now, thanks a lot, Jorey!


PS drac is in case the clients cannot SMTP authenticate, is that  
correct? If we assume that only modern e-mail clients are used, is it  
safe to remove drac?

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