searching for a 25 seconds delay

Jorey Bump list at
Thu May 14 09:29:07 EDT 2009

Iv Ray wrote, at 05/14/2009 05:09 AM:
> On 14.05.2009, at 08:01, Rudy Gevaert wrote:
>> It is maybe your sasl not having enough entropy, as probably
>> squirelmail logs in for each request.  Recompile sasl to use
>> /dev/urandom in stead of /dev/random
> Hi,
> No change.
> What else can it be?

Show us how you are invoking imtest on the command line, then show us
everything up to and including the line containing the word AUTHENTICATE
(before you actually enter your password). This will reveal the
mechanisms offered by the server, and the one imtest is using without
encountering a delay. Consider creating a test user for this, so you
don't accidentally post any sensitive information.

Once you have that information, you can compare it to the imapd log,
which will list the mechanism Squirrelmail is using. Speaking of logs,
have you inspected them for relevant errors? Either way, a sample would
be helpful.

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