Another cache bug!

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Tue Mar 31 18:51:54 EDT 2009

--On December 10, 2008 10:36:56 AM +1100 Bron Gondwana <brong at> 

> Wow, this is the thanks I get for doing sanity checks on files, find more
> bugs!
> This one is due to delayed expunge, plain and simple.  Cyrus decides what
> cache records to copy during an IMAP COPY command by reading the cache
> offsets for msgno and msgno+1 (or the end of the cache file if it's the
> last msgno).
> Obviously if some intervening messages have already been deleted from the
> cyrus.index then it will be copying all those cache records as well to the
> destination folder.  Oops.
> The attached patch reworks mailbox_cache_size into two functions, the
> second being mailbox_cache_size_detail that takes memory locations for
> the cache mmap rather than a mailbox object (because imapd doesn't update
> the locations in the object correctly according to my testing, *sigh*.
> Gotta love global variables)
> It then uses mailbox_cache_size_detail to calculate the ACTUAL record
> length for this single cache item rather than blindly copying everything
> up to the next index record's pointer.
> Also note: in the event of cache corruption, mailbox_cache_size_detail
> returns zero bytes, which correctly makes append_copy re-parse the
> message file.  It's all shiny :)
> Wes/Ken - please apply to CVS :)
> Thanks,
> Bron.
> --
>   Bron Gondwana
>   brong at

Going through my list of 2.3.13 patches to put together a local 2.3.14 
build, I ran across this one.  It doesn't appear to have made it into 
2.3.14.  Oversight, or is there something wrong with it?



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