Outlook + Cyrus IMAPd == Drop'd connection

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Sat Mar 28 01:59:28 EDT 2009

Running the latest version of 2.3.x, I'm having an issue where I can't 
seem to get Outlook to connect to the server ... I get a bunch of errors 

master[22775]: process 1486 exited, signaled to death by 10

Now, if I try and connect using Outlook Express, with the exact same 
connection information, without making any changes to the server, all 
works fine ... in fact, at the same time as Outlook is failing, an attempt 
to connect using horde works fine also ...

This is trying Outlook on several different computers, from several 
different locations ... they all generate the exact same error above ...

Something I'm overlooking?  Problem with the versoin of Outlook itself, 

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