Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.14 Released

Bron Gondwana brong at
Wed Mar 25 18:12:46 EDT 2009

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 03:40:55PM +0100, Simon Matter wrote:
> > I am pleased to announce the release of Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.14.  This
> > release should be considered production quality.  This is mostly a
> > bugfix release.  For full details, please see doc/changes.html and
> > doc/install-upgrade.html which are included in the distribution.
> >
> > URLs for this release:
> >
> > or
> >
> Thanks for the new release!
> My question goes mainly to Bron:
> I've included some of your patches in my RPMS in the past.
> They have always been on
> Now things have changed and those patches are no longer maintained there.
> Is there a way for me to get the same patches but for 2.3.14 and newer
> releases (for example the cyrus-clean-shutdown-2.3.13.diff patch)?
> I'm quite sure the code is somewhere on
> but I don't know how to extract the
> patches from there?
> Any help is much appreciated.

Yeah, I never quite got around to finishing the "rebuild my patches
page from git" code :(  Sorry.

I'm tempted to post them to the mailing list or something - then
they'll be in various versions in caches somewhere.  Git is a
great development platform for me, but it does mean that I
rewrite the patches frequently as I reorder them and stuff - so
it's a pain for people tracking them.


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