EMERGENCY - Mail reset!

David Korpiewski davidk at cs.umass.edu
Tue Mar 24 20:55:35 EDT 2009

I had a situation where I shut down the cyrus system and did a database 
reset (ran these steps) to fix a problem with LMPTD (it worked btw).

# serveradmin stop mail
$ sudo -u cyrusimap bash
$ cd /var/imap/
$ rm db/*
$ rm db.backup?/*
$ rm deliver.db
$ rm tls_sessions.db
$ /usr/bin/cyrus/bin/ctl_mboxlist -d > mailboxes.txt
$ mv mailboxes.db mailboxes.db.old
$ /usr/bin/cyrus/bin/ctl_mboxlist -d < mailboxes.txt
# serveradmin start mail

If you noticed, the second to last step I left the "-d" instead of 
running "-u".  This instead created a blank mailboxes.db file.  The 
problem is that mail kept coming in between then and the five minutes 
that it took me to realize that I had screwed up.

The problem is that everyone who received mail had their inbox reset so 
that their email numbers start back at "1.".  The bigger problem is that 
they can't read their email that was in their inbox before the email 
number got set to 1. and some of these people had THOUSANDS of emails.

Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this problem?  It affects all 
my faculty in my department and they are pretty pissed off.


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