sendmail and cyrus-imap - delivery problem

Mario Pavlov freebsd at
Tue Mar 24 13:59:55 EDT 2009

I've discovered something odd (at least to me)
when I first configured cyrus-imap I was unable to create mailboxes
I kept getting this:

localhost> cm at
createmailbox: Permission denied

then I read somewhere that I should set "unixhierarchysep" to "yes" and it will work
so I did and it worked...I was able to create mailboxes

localhost> cm user/boo at
localhost> lm
user/boo at (\HasNoChildren)

and while I was struggling with my delivery problem these days I decided to set "unixhierarchysep" back to "no" just to see what happens
so it was the same...I was unable to create mailboxes because of that "Permission denied" error
but when I wrote "lm" I saw that:

localhost> lm at yo^com (\HasNoChildren)

you see the difference ? There is this sign "^" in the domain name instead of dot "."
I checked:

localhost> info at      // <--- dot "."
localhost> info at yo^com      // <--- shift + 6 "^"
{ at yo^com}:
  condstore: false
  duplicatedeliver: false
  lastupdate: 21-Mar-2009 08:56:34 +0000
  partition: default
  sharedseen: false
  size: 0

so turns out " at" is not an existing mailbox, is it ?
could this be my delivery problem ?
is it possible cyrus not matching mailboxes because of this ?

thank you.

 >Mario Pavlov  wrote:
 >> thanks again to all of you for your time I've tried all that you
 >> suggested I've tried ckuser_cyrus as Matthew Seaman
 >> made no difference then I've tried rtcyrus3 as Andrzej Adam Filip
 >> didn't work either...and the logging output in maillog
 >> stopped.. [...]
 >First: Use cyradm to recheck that cyrus reports mailbox named as in
 >"RCPT TO:" of LMTP session.
 >As I understand you have achieved that sendmail uses correct 
 >"mailbox name with domain" in LMTP session but Cyrus rejects
 >the recipient.
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