Question about CYRUS-IMAP and FETCH BODY[]

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Thu Mar 19 06:44:54 EDT 2009

> We recently upgraded cyrus-imapd in one of our production servers
> (debian btw) to 2.2.13-14+b3. After that, one of our programs stopped
> working complaining about not being able to fetch the messages, so I
> took a look at the traffic between our imap server and the program and I
> saw this:
> As you can see, the connection is being established succesfully but our
> program ( it was running OK for almost 2 years btw ) is sending a:
> And the server is only responding:
> IMAP<SEQ #> Ok Completed (0.000 sec)
> But imap is not actually sending the body's content.
> Now since this issue came to surface after our upgrade I suspect that it
> might have something to do with our program's imap library not being
> fully RFC complaint. Has anyone seen this before?
> Any hints or ideas on what might be causing this? Possible workarounds?
> Thanks for your help in advance.

Hmm, I am missing the complete answer for the SELECT INBOX in your dump.
IMAP003 is not completed. Check you Logs. Maybe there is something wrong
with the Mailbox. Try a reconstruct.


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