Question about CYRUS-IMAP and FETCH BODY[]

Paulino Calderon paulino.calderon at
Wed Mar 18 23:14:36 EDT 2009

Hey guys,
We recently upgraded cyrus-imapd in one of our production servers 
(debian btw) to 2.2.13-14+b3. After that, one of our programs stopped 
working complaining about not being able to fetch the messages, so I 
took a look at the traffic between our imap server and the program and I 
saw this:

As you can see, the connection is being established succesfully but our 
program ( it was running OK for almost 2 years btw ) is sending a:

And the server is only responding:
IMAP<SEQ #> Ok Completed (0.000 sec)

But imap is not actually sending the body's content.
Now since this issue came to surface after our upgrade I suspect that it 
might have something to do with our program's imap library not being 
fully RFC complaint. Has anyone seen this before?

Any hints or ideas on what might be causing this? Possible workarounds?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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