vacation :from parameter -- setting display name?

Matt Garretson mattg at
Wed Mar 18 17:54:34 EDT 2009

Hello...  With cyrus-imap 2.3.13, I was hoping to use the :from parameter
of the vacation statement to set the display-name portion of the sender
address in the generated auto-reply.  For example:

      vacation :from "My Name <myaddr at>"

The sieve draft document says that the argument must be a valid rfc2822 
mailbox-list, which I believe does include the optional display-name.  
However, sieve seems to be treating the entire string as an addr-spec,
resulting in the following header in the auto-reply:

      From: "<My Name" <myaddr at>

Is this intended behavior?  Is there a better way for me to accomplish
what I want?

Thanks in advance,

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