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> Hi All,
>   I have a question regarding a vacation application for Cyrus  
> servers. I want to know what others are using to meet this need.  
> Currently, we have a home grown application that allows users to  
> enable/disable vacation messages for their Cyrus accounts. This  
> application is old and outdated, and needs to be replaced. I found  
> the Horde vacation application which looks like it will meet my  
> needs, but I have one issue. We currently have three Cyrus servers  
> with all the accounts spread out across those three servers. The  
> problem I am running into with any vacation application, is how to  
> identify to the vacation application which server a user is on  
> without the user needing to know this information. Is anyone else in  
> a similar situation?

We are in the same situation. We have our accounts spread across six servers.
For each account there is a DNS-alias pointing to the mailserver the account
is on. We use the Horde Framework as webmailer and pim server, and  
allow our users to change their sieve scripts.

You can use the hooks in Horde to change the server, or you can run  
functions in your horde configuration file, to set the correct value  
for the servername.

Editing the filter rules and Vacations is easy and sufficent for most  
users. But the webinterface does not allow all what would be possible  
with sieve.
You should restrict the access to timsieved to horde, so that the
sievescripts are consitent with the horde database.


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