Announcing cyrus-user-map, a local recipient map generator for Postfix

Farzad FARID ffarid at
Tue Mar 10 05:58:36 EDT 2009

Le 10.03.2009 09:59, Stefan Schmidt a écrit :
> Nice thing, but just out of curiosity, why don't you use postfix'
> recipient verification mechanism?
> In smtp_recipient_restrictions add reject_unverified_recipient at a
> reasonable position in these restrictions. Everything else
> automagically happens.
Thanks for asking. In the "Postfix Address Verification Howto" 
( it says that:

  "/A Postfix MTA verifies a sender or recipient address by probing the 
nearest MTA for that address, without actually delivering mail. The 
nearest MTA could be the Postfix MTA itself, or it could be a remote MTA 
(SMTP interruptus). Probe messages are like normal mail, except that 
they are never delivered, deferred or bounced; probe messages are always 

This is a very heavyweight process, especially if we have the Cyrus 
database at hand :) So I think that looking up an entry in a hash map is 
much faster and doesn't involve any SMTP/LMTP connection.

And if the Postfix relay and the Cyrus database are not on the same 
physical computer, and someone's interested, I can extend my little tool 
to use a network connection to fetch the user database.

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