Calling all regressions

Bron Gondwana brong at
Tue Mar 10 05:01:13 EDT 2009

I was looking through the bug tracker, and one of the items was "skiplist issues in 2.2" - well, the ticket has morphed into that anyway.

The question is - do we backport the skiplist bugfixes to Cyrus 2.2?  For that matter, do we try to isolate just the actual bug fixes and backport them, or do we copy the whole cyrusdb_skiplist.c file (pretty self-contained, and the API is unchaged) back?

What about other bugfixes in the 2.3 branch?  There have been plenty, and not all related to new 2.3 branch features.

So - I ask now.  Does anybody know of any regressions in 2.3 that aren't present in the earlier branches?  Even performance regressions are interesting to some sites.

Is there any good reason for a site to continue running 2.2 or even 2.1?

If there is - I want to know it, and I want to fix it, so we don't have to think about maintaining the old Cyrus.  There aren't enough of us working on Cyrus to split the effort!

Now - also of interest is the cost of having to change configurations when upgrading.  2.3.x is NOT a direct dropin for 2.[12].x because some defaults have changed.  That's annoying.  I don't know any good solution other than refusing to start or complaining very loudly if those keys are NOT present in the config file.  I would make the error spit out:

a) the backwards compatible value
b) the new default value
c) a BRIEF description of the benefits of using the new value.

Along with a line to copy and paste into the config file for each of the above.  Distro maintainers can of course avoid most of this by having clever upgrade scripts, but we need to make sure each site can find and fix the issues caused by an upgrade quickly.

Ok, enough manifesto for me for one evening!  Let me know about those regressions, or forever hold your peace as I push for deprecation of the old branches...
  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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