Separating master processes for different services to utilise multiple cores/cpus

Adam Tauno Williams adam at
Tue Mar 3 08:54:54 EST 2009

> I've never seen this problem.  I've been running cyrus for eight years
> now on dual P3 systems, dual Xeon (hyperthreaded), and now dual quad
> core systems.  The load has always been distributed across all
> processors.

Ditto, I've never seen a hot-processor situation.  Processes have  
always merrily bounced to the available CPU.

> Are you sure you're running an SMP kernel?  Although I'd
> think htop would only report on one core if you weren't.

Or your encountering some kind of filesystem bug or the like with is  
causing soemthing to hang for a spin-lock?  But that seems very  
unlikely (don't use resierfs).

> Quoting Atif Ghaffar <atif.ghaffar at>:
>> Has no-one else really experienced this?

I have not;  we've been running Cyrus on various systems since like 1.5.x

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