multi server migration question/poblem.

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> > > > Any suggestions on how to do this.  I'm attempted other ways in the
> > > > past, but it's time to actually get it done and over with.
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> > > You can use imapsync.
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> I'll give that a test run try.  Short of resetting the passwords you
> map the imap using a privileged account?  i.e. can I assign a
> particular user full access on both sides and then alias it in the
> connection?  It's not too important as I back backup the password
> database, reset, migrate, and put it back.  Just thought that would be
> easier though.
> Exactly what I want to do. Do you have a sample string of accessing a
> mailbox from a different user account with imapcopy?  I vaugely remember
> doing something like authusername at or
> something like that against cyrus some years ago.

imapsync can use proxy authentication on source and or destination with
"--user1 <src user> --authuser1 <src admin user> --authuser2 <dst admin
user> --user2 <dst user>" options (authorize as admin, authenticate as user
: no need to know/change the password). But more importantly, you'll be able
to filter / rewrite any mailbox name using powerful perl regex, not to
mention doing incremental transfers and sync mailboxes based on message
headers or content, and more.

Just grab the tarball, untar it and perldoc imapsync, or even ./imapsync

I've used it for several mass user migration (up to 1500 users), IMO the
best tool available.

However, it may not be the best option if you have a simple cyrus to cyrus
migration, without any rewriting, as in this case you could just migrate the


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