multi server migration question/poblem.

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Sat Jun 27 13:30:38 EDT 2009

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> > > Any suggestions on how to do this.  I'm attempted other ways in the
> > > past, but it's time to actually get it done and over with.
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> > You can use imapsync.

I'll give that a test run try.  Short of resetting the passwords you
map the imap using a privileged account?  i.e. can I assign a
particular user full access on both sides and then alias it in the
connection?  It's not too important as I back backup the password
database, reset, migrate, and put it back.  Just thought that would be
easier though.

Exactly what I want to do. Do you have a sample string of accessing a mailbox from a different user account with imapcopy?  I vaugely remember doing something like authusername at or something like that against cyrus some years ago.

Any samples would be greatly appreciated.



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