lmtp delivery if over quota

Dennis Davis D.H.Davis at bath.ac.uk
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On Thu, 25 Jun 2009, Nicolas KOWALSKI wrote:

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> Rudy Gevaert <rudy.gevaert at ugent.be> writes:
> > I was wondering if it is possible to deliver an email to a mailbox  
> > even when the mailbox is over quota.
> If you are using Exim as MDA, it allows the use of the IGNOREQUOTA
> extension; I do not remember how to do it.

It's the "lmtp_ignore_quota" private option of exim's lmtp
transport.  Something like the second transport of:

begin transports

# Transport to deliver mail to the Cyrus IMAP server.  We're
# going to shovel this down the loopback address using the ltmp
# protocol.
  driver = smtp
  protocol = lmtp
  hosts = LOOPBACK
  hosts_override = true
  allow_localhost = true

# Similar transport to the above.  But quota restrictions should
# be ignored.  Use under circumstances when you want to force the
# message through.
  driver = smtp
  protocol = lmtp
  hosts = LOOPBACK
  lmtp_ignore_quota = true
  hosts_override = true
  allow_localhost = true


should (ie I haven't really tested this) do the job.
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