Is mupdate_port not supported/broken?

Michal Hlavinka mhlavink at
Mon Jun 15 05:23:18 EDT 2009


we've tried to use mupdate_port in config file, but it seems it's not supported 
or at least doesn't work. We've specified mupdate_port, but it was still trying 
to connect to default port.

When I look at source code, there is mupdate_port in configuration structure, 
but it seems it's not used anywhere. There seems to be only two lines in the 
whole sources ( grep -i -r mupdate_port cyrus-imapd/ ): 
cyrus-imapd-2.3.14/lib/imapopts.h:  IMAPOPT_MUPDATE_PORT,
^^^ just an item in enum
cyrus-imapd-2.3.14/lib/imapopts.c:  { IMAPOPT_MUPDATE_PORT, "mupdate_port", 0,
(union config_value)((long) 3905), OPT_INT, {  { NULL, IMAP_ENUM_ZERO } } },

and mupdate-client.c contains:
backend_connect(NULL, server, &mupdate_protocol,....
-> getaddrinfo(server, mupdate_protocol->service, &hints, &res0);

where mupdate_protocol->service = "mupdate" set in mupdate-client.c, so this 
is reason default port for service is used. There is no assignment to 
mupdate_protocol->service which is used for getaddrinfo.

So is this broken/not supported or I've just missed something?

Michal Hlavinka

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